Whats New: Customizable React UI in MinChat UI SDK

Whats New: Customizable React UI in MinChat UI SDK

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, user experience is at the forefront of application and website design.

Chat interfaces have become an integral part of online communication, and their customization is crucial for maintaining a unique and engaging user experience.

If you're looking to enhance your chat interface's aesthetics and functionality, MinChat is here to provide an exciting solution: the ability to customize the chat UI using render props.

MinChat's recent update empowers you with the tools to transform your chat interface into a fully tailored experience.

By integrating custom components, you can now swap out various elements of the MinChat UI, such as chat items and message headers, with your own designs. Let's delve deeper into this feature and address some of the common questions you might have.

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What Are Render Props?

In MinChat, render props act as placeholders where you can insert your custom components. This technique grants you the freedom to decide how different parts of the chat interface should appear and behave, all while maintaining a seamless integration with the MinChat framework.

i.e Easily swap out the default chat list item with your own custom component, You can view the full MinChat Customize UI documentation
replacing chatlist item using render props

Why Customize Your Chat UI?

Customizing your chat UI offers numerous advantages. It enables:

Branding: Tailor the chat interface to reflect your brand's identity and aesthetics.

Functionality: Add features or functionalities that are specific to your application or website.

User Experience: Create a unique, engaging, and intuitive interface that will keep users coming back.

Adaptation: Respond to user feedback and change requirements by easily modifying the chat interface.

How to Implement Customization with MinChat?

Customizing your chat UI with MinChat is straightforward.

The new feature provides the capability to substitute parts of the User Interface (UI) with your own by passing down render functions. Here's a quick look at how you can use this feature:

import React from 'react';
import { MinChatUI } from '@minchat/reactui';
function App() {
    return (
                user={{username: "john", name: "John"}}
                  // Customize UI Components
                renderChatList={({connectedUser, chats, loading, selectedChat, paginate, openChat, isMobile}) => <div></div> }
                renderChatItem={({chat, isMobile}) => <div></div> }
               renderEmptyChats={({isMobile}) => <div></div> }
               renderChatListHeader={({isMobile}) => <div></div> }
               renderLoader={({isMobile}) => <div></div> }
               renderMessageList={({connectedUser, messages, loading, paginate, typingUser, isMobile}) => <div></div> }
               renderEmptyMessages={({isMobile}) => <div></div> }
                renderInput={({sendMessage, sendFile, inputProps, isMobile}) => <input {...inputProps} /> }
               renderMessageListHeader={({heading, clearMessageList, isMobile}) => <div></div> }
               renderIsTyping={({user, isMobile}) => <div></div> }
export default App;

The new feature introduces several render functions that allow you to customize various aspects of the chat UI. These include:

  • renderChatList: Customize the chat list.
  • renderChatItem: Customize individual chat items.
  • renderEmptyChats: Customize the view when there are no chats.
  • renderChatListHeader: Customize the chat list header.
  • renderLoader: Customize the loader.
  • renderMessageList: Customize the message list.
  • renderEmptyMessages: Customize the view when there are no messages.
  • renderInput: Customize the input field.
  • renderMessageListHeader: Customize the message list header.
  • renderIsTyping: Customize the typing indicator.

Each render function provides a set of properties that you can use to customize the respective UI component. For example, the renderChatList function provides properties like connectedUser, chats, loading, selectedChat, paginate, openChat, and isMobile. You can view the full MinChat Customize UI documentation.

Use Cases for Customization

The possibilities with MinChat's customization feature are virtually limitless. Here are some common use cases to inspire you:

Branded Chat: Match the chat interface with your website's color scheme and style to maintain a consistent brand image.

Interactive Elements: Add buttons, forms, or other interactive components to enable users to perform actions directly within the chat.

Personalization: Implement personalized avatars, names, or icons for chat participants.

Data Visualization: Display graphs, charts, or other data representations within the chat.

Notification Badges: Alert users to new messages or important updates.

Benefits of Using MinChat for Customization

MinChat's customization feature offers several benefits that make it a top choice for developers:

Ease of Use: MinChat's API is user-friendly and well-documented, making customization a breeze.

Seamless Integration: Your custom components seamlessly integrate with MinChat, maintaining a polished look and feel.

Community Support: Join the MinChat community to access valuable resources, share insights, and collaborate on unique customization ideas.

Scalability: MinChat's flexibility allows you to scale your chat UI customization as your project evolves. This adds to the benefits of using a chat SDK to build your chat feature/functionality.


MinChat's customization feature is a game-changer for developers and businesses seeking to create unique and engaging chat interfaces. With the power of render props, you can tailor your chat UI to your exact specifications, providing a personalized experience that matches your brand identity and user expectations. Whether it's for branding, functionality, or simply delighting your users, MinChat.io is the ideal choice for achieving chat interface customization with ease. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your user experience – explore MinChat's customization features today!